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With the change of national policy and the adjustment of product structure, the refrigeration and air conditioning industry can see that the energy saving products have become the key R & D content and main products of enterprises. In order to make the equipment achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental protection, all enterprises carry out related activities around the theme of energy saving and environmental protection, and invest more in new product development, product design, manufacturing process and technological transformation of production line, so as to promote the upgrading of equipment.
On this basis, black-and-white iron processing has increased its strength. At the same time, we also pay attention to energy saving in production. All enterprises have worked out a perfect evaluation system. Under the premise of increasing production capacity, we strive to reduce energy consumption and minimize pollutant emissions in the production of intermediate links.

Nowadays, many people value air circulation very much, especially those where the indoor air is not very good. If the air is not renewed, we will suffer from physical problems. In general, the best equipment for air circulation is the wind pipe, which is a kind of green environmental material with high value. It was installed significantly reduces the connection between the pipe and the pipe, the pipe inside the air leakage reduced to the lowest level, so that even if the use of 35 years, the mold surface remains unchanged, so the material surface is not damaged, and greatly prolongs the black iron processing spiral tube service life, at the same time, joints evenly smooth, strong connection and good sealing.
After all, the wind pipe seal must be better, if not good will lead to air leakage, do not underestimate this leakage if in some important parts of the air leakage will lead to accidents, and in a lot of people seem to help a lot, especially in family life in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in the kitchen and bathroom will need these local ventilation will install air duct, it is necessary to make our life guarantee.
With the continuous progress and innovation of black-and-white iron processing technology, black and white iron whirlwind pipe will play a more auxiliary role in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, and play a more important role in the air circulation system of air conditioning and ventilation system. For the attention of environmental protection and energy conservation, black-and-white iron processing will make continuous progress in technology and technology to contribute to the protection of the environment on which we live.
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