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通风管道安装为了减少投资,节省空间,降低层高,有些敷设无坡度要求的管道,可以穿梁敷设(如自来水管道,消防喷 洒干管等,对于比较复杂的民用建筑,在设计阶段,各工种(暖通、给水排水,供电照明与建筑专业)首先应协商好空 间分隔,定出每种管道的标高范围。一般情况下不得越出给自己规定的界限,遇有个别管段要越界时应与其他工程协商。施工前应设备总管的工程师,将各工种的管线,单线画在一张平面图上,每种管道用一种彩色笔。济南通风管道安装人员提醒在各交点处综合其标高,看是否有矛盾之处,及时发现将问题解决在安装之前。解决各种通风管道相碰及协调的原则,一般为:“小管让大管,有压让无压”。例如,自来水管与风管相 撞,则应当自来水管拐弯。冷、热水管与下水管相碰,则应改变冷、热水管道。

In order to reduce investment, save space and reduce storey height, some pipes are laid without slope requirements. They can be laid by beams (such as water pipes, fire sprinkler pipes and so on. For more complex civil buildings, at the design stage, all types of work (HVAC, water supply and drainage, power supply lighting and Architecture) should be first required. Negotiate the space partition and determine the elevation range of each pipeline. The general case not set himself out of bounds, in a period of leave to cross should consult with other engineering. Before construction, the engineer of equipment and main pipe should be drawn on a floor plan for each type of pipeline and single line, and one color pen will be used for each pipeline. Ji'nan ventilation pipe installation personnel remind them to synthesize their elevation at each intersection point to see if there is any contradiction, and find out the problem before installation. To solve all kinds of ventilation pipe collide and coordination principle, generally: "let the pressure get tubular bassoon, no pressure". For example, if the water pipe collides with the air pipe, it should turn the water pipe. The cold and hot water pipes and water pipes together, should change the cold and hot water pipe.

通风管道产品的特点设计灵活,通风管道可根据预留洞的大小,随时调整管道的规格尺寸,造价低使通风管道与传统砖砌通风道比,能节约工程造价40%左右,防火性能好:当前普遍存在的问题是成品通风道燃烧性能和耐火极限未经国家有关部门检测,且部分通风 道材料的燃烧性能、管壁厚度不符合要求。轻质高强与传统砖砌通风道比,菱镁通风道自重轻、强度高,能大幅度降低建筑物的承受荷载,设计独特的通风管道的开口上安装了烟气止回阀和防火隔离门,可以有效防止串味和串火,施工简单增加了室内空间,密闭性好、不返烟、不返臭,能大幅度改善室内环境。


The characteristic design of the ventilation pipe product is flexible。 The ventilation pipe can adjust the size of the pipeline at any time according to the size of the reserved hole。 The low cost makes the ventilation pipe and the traditional brick masonry air duct compare, which can save about 40% of the project cost and good fire resistance performance: the current common problem is the combustion performance and the fire resistance limit of the finished product ventilator。 It has not been detected by the relevant departments of the state, and the combustion performance and the thickness of the pipe wall of some ventilation ducts do not meet the requirements。 The light weight and high strength and the traditional brick masonry air duct, the magnesite ventilation Road with light weight and high strength, can greatly reduce the bearing load of the building。 The smoke check valve and fire isolation gate are installed on the opening of the unique ventilation pipe, which can effectively prevent the series of smell and series of fire。 No smoking or no smell can greatly improve indoor environment。


In addition, some aspects should be paid attention to when the ventilation equipment is started. Before starting, the fan inlet regulating valve should be strictly forbidden to shut down, prevent the operation error, start with the load, pay attention to the start time and the normal current, check whether the lubricating oil level of the bearing is normal, the water supply condition of the cooling water pipe, and the coupling is intact, The maintenance door is closed.



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