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三分PK拾Nowadays, the development of ventilation pipeline in the market is very rapid, and the application field is also expanding, all kinds of involved, for our life and production has brought great convenience. Everybody knows, when building is built, the design of ventilation duct will be planned in advance, so what is its installation process? How will its development be? Let's take a look at it together.


Everyone knows that the air duct connected with electric heater and fire-proof valve requires non-combustible material, which is to prevent the flame from crossing the fire-proof valve when high temperature causes fire or fire occurs and causes greater losses. The main problems in installation and processing of air duct are as follows:


1, ventilation pipes should be protected during the transportation process.


2. The joint of the tenon and the air pipe is applied to the tenon joint to enhance the strength of the joint.



3. When air duct is installed overhead after ground pre-assembly, the length of pre-assembly is limited in order to avoid the bending of air duct caused by dead weight and damage the component interface.


4. When the air duct end of the glass fiber composite board is a cutting surface, the cut surface of the pipe end should be sealed with adhesive tape or glue before assembling the flange connector, so as to prevent the glass fiber from exposing and flying away.


5. Fabrication and installation of vertical flanges supported by non flanged fiberglass composite panels.


6. Vertical installation of ventilation duct in shaft, because of less space and inconvenience for later maintenance, air duct is usually connected by angle steel flange of outer casing to increase the degree of firmness and strength of the connection point, and the flange is made into a "well" shape, the hanging bar is directly suspended on the lug of angle steel flange without additional support.


The installation and processing of the duct is to insert the groove of the flange into the end of the tubesheet and bond with the adhesive。 If there is no interference between the slot and the end face of the air duct insertion will have a certain gap, so that it can not be glued together。


To sum up, ventilation duct is one of the first issues to be considered in building construction, it can effectively ensure the flow of air, let us feel the fresh air, will be very helpful to our living environment. As for its installation, we believe that everyone has already understood, its development prospects are very broad, if you still want to know more relevant knowledge, or need, you can take the initiative to contact us, you can also leave us a message.


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