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Believe that everyone has a smoke machine at home, with the development of science and technology, smoke machine has become a very common thing in the home, but long-term use of smoke machine on the top of a layer of oil stains, smoke machine surface and internal cavity will be full of oil stains, affecting its normal smoke exhaust effect, only the correct removal and washing can be used normally。 Xiaobian is going to clean up a hood cleaning method without filter screen。


1, first cut off the power supply of hood, to ensure personal safety。


2. The shell surface and mesh cover of the hood are usually cleaned according to the period specified in the manual, and a small amount of warm water with neutral detergent on the soft cloth is used for scrubbing. Dry with a soft cloth.


3。 The washing and washing of the inner cavity of the wind wheel and the volute。


(1) unscrew the cover of the net cover and the net cover, and remove the cover plate and net cover.


(2) then unscrew the fastening screws of the wind wheel and take out the wind wheel。


(3) soak the removed parts in warm water with neutral detergent, rinse with soft cloth and dry.


(4) Wash the dirt in the inner cavity of the volute with a soft cloth with a small amount of warm water containing neutral detergent, and then dry it with a soft cloth.


(5) install the above parts in the reverse order of disassembly;


(6) after installation, check whether the oil circuit of the instrument is smooth and whether the sealing ring on the volute can be sealed.


(7) please clean the wind wheel, volute, oil nozzle and drain pipe according to the prescribed period。


4, cleaning impeller and spiral case need attention:


(1) when cleaning, the motor and electrical parts can not be flooded。


(2) When cleaning, do not pull the internal connection force, otherwise it will loosen the connection point and cause electric shock hazard.


(3) It is forbidden to use flammable solvents such as alcohol, banana water and gasoline to clean the lampblack suction machine in order to prevent fire accidents。



(4) when you wash, you should wear rubber gloves to prevent sharp edges of metal parts from hurting people. 


(5) Removal of parts should be handled lightly to avoid deformation. Particular care should be taken when cleaning impellers. The counterweight blocks of blades should not be touched or moved. Otherwise, the vibration and noise of the whole machine will be increased.


For those smokers with filter screen cover, because the smoke has been filtered before entering the inside of the appliance, the internal structure of the smoke absorber does not need to be cleaned, only the shell of the appliance and the filter screen cover need to be cleaned periodically according to the instructions.


The internal electrical connection and airflow seal parts of the hood are not always cleaned。 Seal ring often disassembled and washed easily lead to aging and deformation, oil pollution easy to enter the electrical connection parts of appliances, affecting its safety performance, reducing the service life of the hood。 That's all for today's news。 If you want to know more about the range hood, please click on our website: http://www。sftfgd。com。 Thank you!


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