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Advantages of galvanized air ducts


1. The manufacture of mechanical forming can make galvanized sheet not easy to be damaged and galvanized layer not easy to be damaged, which greatly increases the service time of air duct.

2。规格一样,尺寸标准,保证了风管内部平整,光滑,便于清洁 ,可以使物料输送流畅。

2。 The same specifications, size standards, to ensure that the inside of the duct is smooth, smooth, easy to clean, can make material delivery smooth。


3. The pipes with self-forming flange use uniform materials and do not use angle steel flange, which can greatly reduce the weight of the air duct itself, so that the bearing capacity of the building will be greatly reduced, thus fundamentally reducing the cost of the building.


4. Strengthen the beauty of the air duct itself, mainly in its delicate structure, soft appearance and excellent performance.


5. Because it is a standardized production process, the air tightness of the air duct is very good, rigorous production line, so that each air duct parts and joints and spare parts have good sealing.


6。 The reinforcing bars and compressing bars produced by standardized processing enhance the strength of the pipeline itself, reduce the thickness of the material and greatly reduce the cost。 The thickness of the submerged slot of the spiral duct is four times that of the tube body, which makes the pipeline very rigid and has the best pressure bearing capacity。


7. The welding method adopted has its own characteristics. The low temperature welding method can ensure that the coating of the product is not easily damaged. The parts made in this way are firm, beautiful and sealable, and need not be treated after welding.



Something to note when installing galvanized duct


1. Before installation, we need to check whether the product is qualified. If it is qualified, we need to assemble the components. Finally, we need to clean the air duct and install it at high altitude.


2. When installing the product, the distance between each air duct should be controlled to be less than 4M. Especially, there must be no less than two or more fixed positions between single straight duct.


3. In the process of installing products, the vibration support and suspender tension which need to be adjusted and isolated should be modified appropriately according to the design requirements and actual conditions.


4. the screw hole of the galvanized air duct hanger can be installed by mechanical processing. Meanwhile, the hanger should be straight and threaded. After installation, check whether the forces between the sub supports and hangers are even.


5。 When installing the elbow of galvanized duct, the guide vane must be added to ensure that the duct has normal conveying wind power。 If rectangular elbow is used, three-way or four-way connection can be used。 Most of the installation methods are bifurcated or separated。


6. In the process of installation, special attention should be paid to the flanging between the air duct and the flange, and the flanging should be as smooth as possible to maintain the consistency of the connection width.


Finally, there is an important link, that is to pay attention to the construction of air duct hangers, to do a highly unified adjustment work, only when the height of consistency, each hanger can give full play to their respective roles.


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