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  There are three effective ways to clean the ventilation duct. The ventilation duct manufacturer shares with you. The ventilation duct is mainly coated with zinc on the iron sheet of the ventilation duct, which plays a protective role on the iron sheet.


  The protective and decorative properties of zinc coatings can be significantly improved by passivation, dyeing or coating with light protector. The air duct market is generally divided into three categories according to the material: galvanized air duct, stainless steel air duct and composite air duct. Among them, stainless steel air duct has the best quality, strong applicability, but high price. At present, galvanized sheet is the most widely circulated air duct in the market. Galvanized sheet ducts are basically stainless steel ducts, but the price is only two-thirds or even lower than that of stainless steel ducts. Composite ducts are generally used in places where the external environment is relatively common and the requirements for ducts are not very high. The application of air duct is very wide. Purification system air supply and return pipe, central air conditioning ventilation pipe, industrial air supply and exhaust ventilation pipe, environmental protection system air suction and exhaust pipe, mine gas drainage pipe, mine coated air duct, etc.


  There are three most effective ways to clean air ducts:


三分PK拾  1. Vacuum suction: operate with a vacuum suction tube similar to a hand-held suction tube. Contact the inner wall of the pipe directly with a brush to remove dirt. This method requires the air duct to have a larger overhaul hole so that the operator can get as much as possible, but this method is most likely to leak a part of dust and dirt, because the air duct can not form a complete negative pressure condition. The following methods can form negative pressure conditions.


  2. Power scrubbing: Use pneumatic or electric brushes to brush dirt, and then the dirt is sucked into the vacuum collector in the same way and direction as gas scrubbing. This method requires as much care as possible not to destroy the appearance of insulation data.


  3. Gas flushing: This method conveys compressed air by means of a hose with a nozzle connected to the air duct. Designed nozzles allow compressed air to drive in dust and dirt. The dirt and dust which are dehydrated by compressed air are transported to the vacuum collector along the duct.



  In our daily life, we often have all kinds of chances to contact with pipe products. Life is closely linked, especially ventilation pipes, whether in entertainment places, restaurants or even factories, ventilation pipes are indispensable. Since the product came out, because of its own characteristics and low prices swept the whole market, but also by many manufacturers welcome. In use, we should learn to maintain and clean ventilation ducts, so as to play a better role. Ventilation pipe processing plays an increasingly important role in life. Above is the most effective cleaning method, if it can be combined together, it would be better, but in general, pipeline cleaning mainly depends on the filter section of the air-conditioning box, adhere to cleaning, and the above cleaning means are supplemented.


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