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  1。 Ventilation pipes should be protected against damage during transportation。


  2. The connection of tenon-joint air duct is coated with adhesive at the tenon-joint to enhance the strength of the joint.


  3. When air ducts are installed overhead after ground pre-assembly, the length of pre-assembly is limited in order to prevent the bending of air ducts caused by self-weight from destroying component interfaces.


  4. When the end of glass fiber composite board air duct is cut face, before assembling flange connector, the end of the pipe should be sealed with tape or glue to prevent the glass fiber from exposing and flying away.


  5. The method of making and installing the supporting parts for the vertical installation of the glass fibre composite board air duct connected by illegal blue.


  6. Vertical installation of ventilation pipes in vertical shaft, due to the lack of space and the inconvenience of later maintenance, so the air duct generally adopts the outer angle steel flange connection to increase the firmness and strength of the connection points, and the flange is made into a "well" shape, and the suspension bar is directly suspended on the lifting lug of the angle steel flange without additional supporting parts.

三分PK拾  风管安装加工是将法兰的槽口套插在风管管板的端头,用胶粘剂粘接。如果其间没有过盈量,槽口和风管端面插入时会有一定的间隙,使其无法粘为一体。

  The installation and processing of the air duct is to insert the slot sleeve of the flange into the end of the air duct plate, and to bond it with adhesive. If there is no interference between them, there will be some gap between the groove and the end face of the air duct when inserting, which makes it impossible to stick together.

三分PK拾  通风设备的安装质量更是影响到空气的交换

三分PK拾  The installation quality of ventilation equipment affects air exchange。


  1. Preparing for construction


  As the saying goes, "no mistake in cutting firewood by sharpening knives", adequate preparation is the premise to ensure the installation quality of air ducts. When preparing for the production of purified air ducts, whether centralized production in factories or on-site production, it is necessary to ensure that the site is clean and closed, and has the lighting and lighting conditions that meet the requirements. In addition, we should also take care of the square tubes made to avoid pollution as far as possible.

三分PK拾  2、风管材质的选择

  2. Selection of Air Pipe Material

三分PK拾  风管材质的选择,对风管的施工质量也有很大的影响。一般而言为了保证风管的重量,需采用较小板厚的风管,但除此外还需要综合考虑风管的尺寸和压力级别。从设计角度来看,值得注意的是一个系统可以同时存在几种对应于不同静压级别的风管板厚。

  The selection of air duct material also has a great influence on the construction quality of air duct。 Generally speaking, in order to ensure the weight of the duct, the minimum thickness of the duct is needed, but in addition, the size and pressure level of the duct need to be considered comprehensively。 From the design point of view, it is worth noting that there are several duct sheet thicknesses corresponding to different static pressure levels in a system at the same time。


三分PK拾  3。 Horizontal connection of air duct


  The horizontal connection of air duct is particular。 It can be said that this connection is a means to extend the length of air duct。 It also has the function of enhancing stiffness and keeping accurate lateral dimension of air duct。 Usually the way of lateral connection is angle steel flange connection, which depends on the thickness of the wall, but also depends on the type of connection and the way of plate wall reinforcement。


三分PK拾  4、风管的纵向缝接合

三分PK拾  4. Longitudinal seam joint of air duct


  The longitudinal joint mode of air duct can be selected according to the actual situation. Button bite connection is often used in middle and low pressure air ducts. For rectangular air ducts, there is no pressure level for joint bite. Therefore, using buckle bite can save a flanging process. At present, buckle bite is used in most longitudinal seam joints of air ducts. Rivets, tapping screw, spot welding and indentation can be used to fasten the vertical seam and capping vertical seam.


  5。 Storage of air ducts


  Prefabricated air ducts must be stored well to avoid secondary pollution. The nozzle can be sealed with plastic cloth and other sealing materials, and then the air ducts can be stacked in different categories. Before using the air duct, we should pay attention to thorough cleaning work to ensure that there is no corrosion on the surface of the sheet and no dust absorption after drying.


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