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  With the rapid development of the construction industry, there are more and more high-rise buildings. In order to protect the health of staff members, the use of ventilation pipes has increased. When processing ventilation pipes, there are many things to pay attention to. The following are mainly some common problems:


  Longitudinal joints should be avoided as far as possible in the process of ventilation pipeline processing, but transverse joints should never appear. Moreover, the bite seam and the corner seam of the ventilation pipeline need to be sealed with sealant according to the requirements of the design cleanliness grade. In addition, the sealing surface of the connection joint of the ventilation pipe sheet should be located at the positive pressure side of the ventilation pipe wall.


  When processing, it is not possible to set reinforcement frames or reinforcement bars inside the ventilation pipeline, because this will have a certain impact on the quality of the ventilation pipeline.

三分PK拾  通风管道加工不能采用S型插条和C型直角插条的连接方式,另外对于一些特殊的通风管道来说,还不能采用按扣式的咬口。

  The connection of S-type and C-type right-angle slots can not be used in the processing of ventilation pipes. In addition, for some special ventilation pipes, the button-type bite can not be used.


  After the production of ventilation pipes, they should be cleaned with cleaning fluid。 Only after meeting the cleaning standards, can they seal in time。


  If it is a color coated steel ventilation pipe, the inner wall should be kept smooth, and in the process of ventilation pipe processing, the coating can not be damaged, if there are damaged parts, it is necessary to use epoxy resin to coat the surface. In addition, anti-corrosion measures should be taken in the process of ventilation pipeline processing. Core-pulling rivets should not be used. Moreover, when the parts of ventilation pipeline are assembled, they must be galvanized.


  Noise Control Method in Pipeline Ventilation1、防火功用好:其时普遍存在的问题是制品通风道燃烧功用和耐火极限未经国家有关部门检测,且部分通风道材料的燃烧功用、管壁厚度不符合要求。

  1。 Good fireproof function: At that time, the common problem was that the burning function and fireproof limit of product ventilation duct had not been inspected by relevant state departments, and the burning function and wall thickness of some ventilation duct materials did not meet the requirements。



  2. Low cost: ventilation duct can save about 40% of the project cost compared with traditional brick ventilation duct; 3. Light weight and high strength: compared with traditional brick ventilation duct, magnesite ventilation duct has light weight and high strength, which can greatly reduce the bearing load of buildings; 4. Planning flexible network: ventilation duct can adjust the standard standard of pipeline at any time according to the size of the reserved tunnel; 5. Planning together: ventilation duct's design A smoke check valve and a fire barrier door are installed on the opening to prevent cross-odor and cross-fire. 6. The construction is simple: the indoor space is increased, the airproof is good, the smoke and odor are not returned, and the indoor environment can be greatly improved.


  The helical duct will produce certain noise in the process of operation, assuming that in residential and commercial areas will have a great impact on people's lives. So how do we reduce noise in the construction process?


  The working noise of ventilation duct system generally comes from the following aspects:


  Flutter of air duct。 Because the material of air duct is galvanized sheet or metal material, the thickness of steel plate and construction technology should be strictly selected according to construction inspection standards, such as air duct errors, flatness, air duct reinforcement, support and hanger selection and production equipment, etc。 At the construction stage, the outlet should not be close to the equipment as far as possible。 The length of the electric fan should be more than 5 meters before and after it。 It is assumed that the number of elbows can be increased and the noise can be reduced。 A filter is installed in the tuyere, and the noise control function is also very good。


  The movement of the fan. In general, we can install mufflers to deal with the conflict sound of wind pipe zhong. In general, the problem of noise should be considered in the planning stage. To control the wind speed in the pipe and prevent the wind from screaming, the following are some resumes.


  1. Manipulate the air outlet and return interval to prevent self-excitation and small circulation space during air convection.


  2. The dynamic balance adjustment of the impeller system of the spiral duct fan is reasonable and the positive and negative values are not more than 5 wires.


  3. Standard of soft joint equipment to prevent wind resistance from loosening of soft joint canvas and wind noise.


  4. The suspension adopts the full-time connector of the tension spring shock absorber to alleviate the jump or common frequency caused by the torsion during the operation.


  5. Reduce the angle of helical duct as far as possible.


  The above information is our Shandong ventilation duct arrangement and release hope to help you with our website is: http://www。sftfgd。com!


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