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  In the ventilation duct of central air conditioning, a large amount of dust will accumulate in the long-term use, which will not only seriously pollute the indoor air, but also increase the resistance of the air duct system, and make the air volume of central air conditioning system fall。 More importantly, the air temperature and humidity in the air duct are very suitable for the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria, which directly becomes a hidden source of pollution。


  Centralized ventilation pipe dedusting, cleaning and disinfection process


  1、 Preparation before cleaning

三分PK拾  1.1、依据装置图纸和所要施工的现场理解新风管、回风管、送风管系统的规划;

  1。1。 Understand the planning of fresh air duct, return air duct and air supply duct system according to the device drawings and the construction site;


  1.2. Take the air duct system as the unit for dust removal, cleaning and disinfection;

三分PK拾  1.3、选定清洗口和吸尘口,如运用第六代管道机器人,在选择清洗口口,对清洗单元的末端停止封锁,清洗和收尘同时在清洗完成;

  1.3. Select the cleaning port and dust suction port. If the sixth generation pipeline robot is used, stop blocking the end of the cleaning unit when selecting the cleaning port. The cleaning and dust collection are completed at the same time;



  1.4 use the ventilation pipe monitoring and control system to check the pollution level in the pipe and the characteristics in the pipe structure, separate the size of the ventilation pipe and the height in the air, and select the appropriate cleaning equipment (pipe robot, flexible shaft).

  1.5、清洗设备及工具运输到指定地点,并用毡布遮盖好施工地点下方的物品,电工开端接 通临 时电源,经过之前肯定的清洗口,对风管停止清洗作业。

  1。5。 The cleaning equipment and tools shall be transported to the designated place, and the items under the construction site shall be covered with felt cloth。 The electrician shall start to connect the temporary power supply, and stop the cleaning operation of the air duct after passing through the previously confirmed cleaning port。


  2、 Precautions for cleaning


  2.1. Clean the fire damper of the operation section. If the fire damper cannot be cleaned, it shall be cleaned at one side of the fire damper. After cleaning, seal the incision and restore the heat preservation.


  2。2 the video monitoring system shall stop monitoring and video recording before, during and after cleaning the air duct of the central air conditioner, and keep the pictures。


  2.3. Remove the suction pipe and suction plate, recover the cleaned and sterilized air outlet, use the same data of the original system prepared in advance, use the rivet gun to block the air outlet, seal the gap with sealant, and recover the heat preservation data.

三分PK拾  2.4、检查风管吊顶的强度,如强度不够应在顶棚打收缩螺栓,用预制的角钢托盘停止加固,以不影响风管强度为准绳,严厉按规范操作。风口及过滤网撤除后到指定地点用高压水枪停止清洗。

  2.4 check the strength of the ceiling of the air duct. If the strength is not enough, the shrinkage bolt shall be made on the ceiling, and the prefabricated angle steel tray shall be used to stop the reinforcement, so as not to affect the strength of the air duct, and the operation shall be strictly in accordance with the specifications. Remove the tuyere and filter screen and stop cleaning with high-pressure water gun at the designated place.


  2.5. Fan coil cleaning.

三分PK拾  2.6、清洗工作完成后,由甲方单位停止验收,并在竣工报告和验收报告上签字。

三分PK拾  2.6 after cleaning, Party A shall stop acceptance and sign the completion report and acceptance report.


  3、 Finishing work


  3。1。 All the dregs generated in the construction shall be sealed。 When the completion is separated from the construction site, they shall be loaded and taken away;


  3.2. The temporary power supply, on-site alert sign or enclosure connected during the construction shall be restored to the original appearance before the construction to avoid inconvenience and loss to Party A


  The above is the detailed process of how to clean and disinfect the ventilation pipe. I hope it can help you. This article is shared by Jinan ventilation pipe company. If you want to know more, welcome to our website http://www.xoombulbs.com Leaving a message.


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