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Tin processing products mainly used in outdoor, a very good effect on the old and new wind, and can not let the old wind return。 If the nearby conditions permit, the project will choose some places where the environmental effect is better。 Never install black and white iron equipment in places that are smelly or smelly, such as kitchens, toilets, and so on。


Tin can be installed on the wall, above the roof, and can effectively avoid the demonstration field. The length is best to be between fifteen and twenty meters, because it can reduce the elbow effect of the air pipe. The scope of the tin ventilation can be divided into two kinds of global and local ventilation. In the choice of tin products, we must pay attention to choose according to different place.



三分PK拾With zinc products and components due to tin, zinc ion is a kind of active metal ions, zinc ions on the surface of the product inside the tin can effectively protect iron with air or water, contact with chemicals, the quality of the products can be effectively protected.


And we in processed tin products, his surface is brighter, we can be used in some places need ventilation this material pipeline ventilation facilities, the installation can not only play the role of beautiful decoration, not only that we make this material more ventilation pipe in the life of the practical performance on the other than material safety and cheap。


The correct operation must be in time with the process of iron machine, using pressure machine can not push iron. When using the machine to confirm the bite will bite out of tin in good agreement after the start of processing. Together when using the rolling and shearing machine will operate correctly, otherwise will give a unexpected injury.


At the time of the tin soldering work, must wear gloves, upward welding posture is not allowed by the stern, also should pay attention not to the dissolution of tin liquid drops in the water, or tin liquid splashed around, may let the workers suffered burns。


The main equipment is modular design, easy for transportation, installation, maintenance and specification enlargement


三分PK拾The above is the Ji'nan black and white iron processing http://www.xoombulbs.com for everyone to introduce the content, thank you for your busy schedule to see my company's information content, if you want to know more, welcome to call for consultation!


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