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1, heat preservation and inquiry
In the traditional wind pipe construction, heat preservation process as the most difficult, is the most boring, so the quality of the insulation is not good, because it is directly affected by the operating personnel, emotion, responsibility and technical proficiency, and the complex ventilation pipe and the insulating layer of the face of typhoon is a bond which are pressed, so the pipe is made, do not need to do heat preservation. This solves the above insulation problem easily, and saves a lot of working hours due to the removal of heat preservation process, which greatly reduces the labor cost in the pipeline cost.
2. air tightness problem
The traditional steel plate pipe is bite shaped, and the pipe ends are riveted with angle steel flanges. The leakage of pipelines usually occurs in these three parts -- the junction line, the joint part of the steel plate and the flange, the joint between the flange and the flange.

The combination of the composite wind pipe is much better than the steel plate wind pipe, of course, the air tightness is much better, this is mainly the processing technology completely changed. The composite wind pipe bridge is to bond, bond slot instead of biting tongue crack and crack in bonded material contact surface is wide, and flexible combination of steel materials in the tongue bite joint contact surface is narrow, relatively rigid joint, (of course, plastic forming). So the degree of air tightness can be imagined.
The compound wind pipe is matched with the groove type closed flange (to be detailed), which makes the air tightness of the end of the compound wind pipe more guaranteed.
3. vibration problem
The pipeline vibration, according to the reasons of its own, is mainly caused by the rigid pipe, is zinc steel pipeline in the material, the bite in the process, sometimes a "meat and less meat" phenomenon, from the pipe surface looks, uneven surface, or a concave, or a prominent. In the operation of the system, especially in the fan is opened, will produce in Rumble sound, like drums, the sound muffler system are not eliminated, the primary mission is galvanized steel stiffness and good processing size is accurate.
Composite material can solve this problem. The fundamental reason is that the rigidity of composite material is good. During the process of blanking and bonding, there will be no material or pipeline surface concave and protrusion, which eliminates the internal cause of self vibration.
Composite materials also have advantages in damping, because the ventilation and insulation layers of pipes are made by one-time bonding and thermal insulation materials are generally elastic, which will play a role of shock absorption and absorption for vibrating ventilation surfaces. The use of composite materials makes it possible for the manufacture of the wind pipe to be mechanized. This will greatly improve the overall quality of the pipe.
With a small summary above the ventilation pipe in Shandong, we hope to help our customers. If you don't understand something or ask for help, please click our official website: 三分PK拾http://www.xoombulbs.com or call to consult, we will try our best to solve it for you.


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